Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I've been itching to get this picture finished and yesterday I finally managed to find the time. It's always lovely to get a bit of your own, un-interrupted time, to totally lose yourself in a piece of personal illustration. In the studio, radio on, sun-light pouring through the windows and a steady stream of tea, which has to be poured into a cup and saucer when I am working...feels more special that way! The dog is called 'Betty' and belongs to a very good friend of mine, Robyn. Betty certainly is a character and stole one of my slippers once; utterly destroying it until there were just a few fragments left. I can't say I was delighted by this but I have forgiven her (just!) and hopefully I have captured a little bit of her 'mischievousness' (and look of innocence) in this artwork.

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