Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wow, Time Flies...

Well, it's been several months since my last post and that is because I now have a beautiful baby girl, called Ruby, who is just 4 months old and takes up a lot of her mum's time (but in a very good way.) While she is having a nap (quite rare during the day!) I thought I'd take a few minutes out to share the artwork I had been doing right up to having Ruby.

I still try to illustrate here and there but I don't get very long, plus I really want to enjoy this time with my daughter as I imagine these precious moments of her development whiz by in a flash.

So here are a couple of images for The Sunday Express magazine (September, 2011).

I have also been busy with the images I do for Lucy Berry's piece for Reform magazine I did a few back to back so they had a stock pile to use in the first few months. I still manage to keep these going but they have to be done much quicker these days!

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